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Whipping up another batch of home cooking

EST. | 2020

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How I became another failed chef...













A long time ago I forgot why I love food so much. I was a burnt out 28 year old, who had worked in a bunch of kitchens from the age of 13 but still hadn't learn a lot about food. I always loved cooking for friends and family but after years of failing to live up to my potential, I gave up. At 24, I went off to college to get my degree in broadcasting and pretty much by that time I had one foot out the door for my culinary career.


The thing is, I've always enjoyed differing cuisines and sitting around a table talking and eating food and having drinks with strangers and loved ones alike. I forgot the simplicity of how food brings each and every one of us together: to share memories, share moments, laughs, tears, announcements, and to have wonderful flavors dancing around on our taste buds. I was reminded of all this from Anthony Bourdain about 4 years ago while I was binge watching "No Reservations."

Italian Pasta

What I am doing here


Bloggin' and Vloggin food

I started this site because I wanted to talk about my thoughts on all things food. Sometimes it'll be what I attempt to prepare at home. Shopping at differing markets trying to find particular ingredients. Other times it will be my thoughts on a meal I had at a restaurant. It's gonna be a free for all about everything that strikes me about cuisine. Remember, I am an average guy who loves food and putting all this together for the love of cooking. I try to save when I shop, I cut corners when I cook and don't have a ton of fancy tools in my small apartment's kitchen but, I love food. I love differing cuisines. Lets take a journey together and explore the world of food. It's gonna be loose, fun, we're gonna learn something along the way.

What's Cooking



Wanna contact me? Well hit me up! Shoot me an email. Got a question? I'll do my best to answer it. Comment? Love to hear from you. You see the email address. Use it!

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